Tear Off

In numerous cases, when beginning a new roofing project, a tear off will have to be done. A tear off is when a roof is striped down to the original deck boards. There are many reasons that this will have to be done.
A complete tear off will need to be done if your home has any of the following:
  • Too many layers- If a roof has more than one layer of roofing, the roof should be torn off according to building codes. Most areas do not allow more than two layers of roofing on a building.
  • Bad decking- If "spongy" areas or soft spots are noticed when walking on your roof, the roof deck may be damaged or deteriorating.  
  • Ice build up- Ice build up can be a big problem. Older homes may not have ice and water protection, and this could lead to severe roof damage.
  • Incompatible shingles- your existing product is no longer available or discontinued 
  • Current roof in poor condition- If existing roof is in poor condition such as crooked rows or tabs being severely curled, a tear off should be considered.
A tear off is like completely starting over, removing all damage and replacing with new. As a homeowner, it should put your mind at ease knowing your roof has a long life ahead after a tear-off.  
When hiring Above the Top Roofing, we take many measures to ensure your lawn, landscaping, sidewalks, windows, and pretty much everything, is not harmed while we work on your house. We take pride even when it comes to clean up.  Everyone wants a tidy, neat lawn when we are finished.  We strive to do that for each and every homeowner.


"Jason from Above the Top Roofing explained how to get help from my insurance company for the hail storm when all the other roofing contractors left me confused."

-Dixie K. of Holland, MI
Hail Damage 2010
Tear off and replace
"Above the Top Roofing came highly recommended from a friend, and they will be the same from me."

-Steve N. of Holland, MI
Tear off and replace
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"We were very happy to see the owner work on the roof with his crew."

-Jan D. of Fennville, MI
Tear off and replace

"The Above the Top Roofing crew was very courteous and clean."

-Brad M. of Wyoming, MI
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"Never knew getting a new roof could be so easy."

-Alan G. of Grand Haven, MI
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