Preventative roofing measures can help you to save a lot of money in the future!  A minor leak in your roof, left untouched, will cause full roof replacement in the future.  Gutter cleaning and snow/ice removal can prolong the life of your roof and your home.  

The main purpose of gutters is to divert water.  If gutters are left uncleaned you will end up with major repairs such as leaking gutters, leaking roof, rotten wood, cracked foundations, cracked driveways and sidewalks, washed out landscaping, or be invaded by wood destroying insects.

Saturated snow weighs about 20 pounds per cubic foot and if you consider the depth of snow and your roof structure, heavy snow fall can be very harmful to your home!  Ice dams are just as dangerous to your home.  Ice dams are caused by heavy snowfall and poor attic ventilation.  When the accumulated snow on your roof begins to melt the water runs down your roof until it reaches a soffit, gutter or in a valley where the temperature is cooler, then the water freezes again, causing an ice dam.  

Removing gutter debris or heavy snow and ice is a very dangerous job, so avoid unnecessary headaches get a roof inspection!  Call us for a free roof maintenance estimate.


"Jason from Above the Top Roofing explained how to get help from my insurance company for the hail storm when all the other roofing contractors left me confused."

-Dixie K. of Holland, MI
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"Above the Top Roofing came highly recommended from a friend, and they will be the same from me."

-Steve N. of Holland, MI
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"We were very happy to see the owner work on the roof with his crew."

-Jan D. of Fennville, MI
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"The Above the Top Roofing crew was very courteous and clean."

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"Never knew getting a new roof could be so easy."

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