Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is very important and can be easily forgotten about. No matter how good your roof, without proper insulation your energy bills will remain high and make your home cold during the winter months. We can help with all your insulation needs. There are different types of insulation and choosing the best for your home will depend on your climate and needs. The main types used is blown in and batts.

Batts insulation comes in large rolls and can easily be cut and is put between ceiling joists.  The thermal performance of fiberglass insulation is directly related to its ability to trap and maintain very small pockets of air.  Batts can be done yourself, but only for the right individual.  If you intend to do the job with batts, you have to be a detail oriented patient individual.  If you install batts in your attic, you need to take your time. A tight fit around any object that sticks through the insulation is essential. It is suggested you do this type of work in cool weather when your patience will not be affected by your comfort!  You should also consider just how you are going to get the material into your attic. Many attic access holes will not provide enough room to fit a rolled up batt!  Be sure to check this out otherwise you will be tracking unrolled material through the house. Fiberglass fibers will be everywhere! 

Blown (or blow-in) fiberglass insulation creates a seamless blanket in you attic.  When new attic insulation is installed, it is usually blown into the attic.  The advantage of blown insulation is it can be installed faster, more uniformly, and with less traffic through the house.  Unlike in a wall or floor applications, the attic provides enough room for a thick layer of insulation, so the "fluffy" nature of blown insulation is not a disadvantage.

Both will deliver excellent results, however you might spend many hours kneeling in your attic to achieve this same result with fiberglass batts.  If the attic in your house is insulated with fiberglass batts, there's a good chance that this insulation can stay in place beneath a deeper layer of new insulation.


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